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In a future made of glass and touch

We keep long nails in style

Women across the globe find themselves in a daily struggle between their desire for long nails and the need to use their touchscreen devices.

So we decided to make life a little bit easier and design nail polish and gel nail formulas that turn your nails into working touchscreen pens.

The future

belongs to touch

While our society is rapidly getting accustomed to touchscreens being everywhere, like smartphones, tablets and ATMs, organisations like Corning Incorporated are already paving the way to the next revolution in touchscreen applications that will arrive on the market not in the next decade, but next year, next month and tomorrow.

An innovation worth being part of

In a booming market where accessory brands are looking for a way in, a new innovation like capacitive nail polish, that could single-handedly corner a large share of the market, might be worth a further look.

Patented technology

makes it unique on the market

Whether used offensively or defensively, our patents offers air-tight control over the entire curable nail gel, and most of the nail polish market.

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Michael is a spirited communicator. His love for innovation, combined with his gogetter mentality makes him the beating heart of business development at Long2Touch.


van Overbeek

Rutger is an innovative entrepreneur. Brimming with energy and enthusiasm, he was the driving force behind our award winning im.Gismo pet products and many projects for brands like Heineken, Volkswagen and ABNAMRO. Always working on the next innovation, the challenge is on.

Jeroen Schweitzer

Jeroen is an innovator and history hack. He has a firm grasp on software & hardware architecture and works as Lead IT Architect for an established online marketing firm named Hottraffic. As a hobby he studies game theory and advanced mathematics. Just because he can.

Koos Plaggenborg
at NovoPatent

Koos has a meticulous mindset with a great eye for detail. He has over 20 years of experience as a patent lawyer for technology oriented products. His specialization in chemical patents made him the perfect fit to set the stage for Long 2 Touch.

Christine Baardsteth Ansari

Christine is a spirited globe trotter. She has been active within Color Cosmetics market for over 15 years. As Vice President of CTK Cosmetics she makes staying on top of the market her first priority. Christine’s expertise drives business development for Long 2 Touch.

Join us in innovating the nail polish market

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Never again will you have to choose...

Turn your 10 nails into touch screen styluses and end the need for the choice between stylish long nails and easy use of your touchscreen devices. Long nails are back in business.

Our research shows that 52% of the women considers growing their nails even longer once they have access to our product.


We have the only viable nail coating formula that lets you use your natural nails to operate your smartphone screen or any other touchscreen device you use on a daily basis.


The magic ingredients that provide the capacitive features to this nail polish are designed to be 100% nail and skin friendly and are a safe addition to any 5-free nail polish.

We've used inert materials like organic fats and oligomers to add conductive features to our nail coatings.

Required durability

Using your nails to type and swipe require a durable coating, which firmly attaches to the nails. Our patented formulas particularly answer to this demand.

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The touch revolution

Young ones can't even comprehend the use of anything not touch driven. Have a glimpse on how the new generation is wired to use touchscreen devices.


Imagine what the touch screen penetration will be in just a few years from now. See what Corning, the leader in specialty glass and ceramics, is currently working on.


Smartphone vs.
Sex and Caffeine

Understand your audience.

We all know that smartphone and tablet saturation has reached an all-time high. These days everyone, rich or poor, teens to grandparents, are rocking these advanced handsets. But do you understand the attitude women have towards these devices?

Mason-Dixon Polling & Research polled 1000 participants across the US and found that women ages 18 to 49 were more willing to give up things like caffeine and alcohol for a week before they'd relinquish their smartphones and tablets. They would actually forego sex for a week before giving up their smartphone.

Help us help you

Now think of the potential of a product that provides women, who have long nails, with an easier way of using their treasured device.

Just phones?

The smartphone is without a doubt the single most important touchscreen device in the lives of women in modern societies. However, there are a number of touchscreen devices women use frequently for which Long 2 Touch will work miracles as well.

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The nail polish market

Estee Lauder chairman Leonard Lauder told Time magazine: "Nail polish has become the heir to lipstick in the recession."

Karen Grant, vice president and global beauty industry analyst at NPD told BBC: "It is rare to see a trend grow so strong in both mass and prestige channels."

Gain market potential

Gaining a 6% market share without breaking a sweat.

Our nail polish- and gel nail formulas will be good for a 6% market share potential and a significant market share loss for the competition. Not within five years or some distant horizon, but this year, next quarter or one after that. Research under 300 women in the US even paints a sunnier picture.

  • 70% of the women own a smartphone (and other touchscreen devices).
  • 14% of your target audience is experiencing long nails as a real problem in regard to the use of the piece of equipment that plays a central role in their lives: their smartphone.
  • 43% would buy a conductive nail coating if it were on the market today. 16% would consider the product.
  • *66% of the survey group would pay between $2,- USD and $10,- USD extra for a bottle of capacitive nail polish.

    *Pricing is based on nail polish bottles, not gel nail manicures.

We've done research with under 300 women in the US in order to evaluate the market potential of this patent.

Sales increase

Take control over two growth segments within an already expanding market.

Accessory and designer brands across the world aim to enter the color cosmetics market space. And the controlling companies desire to hold on to their market shares. Now everyone is searching for differentiators to help them gain the upper hand.

Our patent holds the promise to do exactly that.

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Capacitive nails patent

A spectacular product. A tight patent. A great differentiator. Good for a significant market share gain. Easy to produce. No obstacles to market.

Sole international rights

We have obtained the provisional international rights to produce and market capacitive nail coatings, based on a number of patent applications that were registered with the Dutch Patent Office. These patents provide a worldwide property right for virtually every industrialized country.
There are two patents holding property rights to capacitive nail polish. The first patent by Sharp Motors, which specifies conductive artificial nails containing polymers and nail polish with the same materials.
The second patent by Long 2 Touch, which specifies conductive curable coatings and multi-layer nail polish systems based on more, and better suitable, materials that produce a viable nail coating product that can be applied on natural nails.

Time to market

We aim to get this innovation to market as quickly as possible, searching for the path of least resistance in doing so. This means we will look for established parties in the nail care industry to team up with or even sell the rights to our patents.

In the meanwhile we prepare to bring this product to market on our own merit.

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